Amidst 88 acres of pastures, wild flowers and 100 year old trees, sits Lune1860. A private venue in the lush countryside of Western Ontario - a place for intimate gatherings, life celebrations, and bespoke creative experiences.

exterior of Lune 1860, yellow brick bathed in sunlight
long tree lined driveway


Whether you are promising forever in front of just a few friends, or filling our elegantly-appointed phases with up to 100 guests, it would be a honour for us to be part of your special day.


Intimate, meaningful, private. Whether you are celebrating, reconnecting or making new memories, immerse yourself in our ethos of connection and creativity.


A refreshing respite from the corporate retreat or team-building "offsite" as you know it. Welcome to our "Quarter Moon" experience.


Looking for the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot? Whether it be for beautiful people or objects there are just too many locations to pick from.


Collaborate with Lune for creative strategy, visual storytelling and brand + art direction.


A collection of curated, found and made objects. Objects are carefully selected; some new, some redesigns and hand alters—creating something new out of what was—while others are hand made on site.


In 2018, Lisa and Ezra came across a property by chance in the Canadian countryside. Barely visible off No. 8 Highway, it sits at the end of a seemingly endless drive of canopied trees. 

The house itself was built before the founding of Canada and the surrounding farmland and forest resides on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples. Lisa and her husband acknowledge this history, and continue to be forever grateful to work, live and create on this land.

They renamed the manor house Lune 1860 (French for moon), and designed eight unique spaces, each inspired by the different phases of the lunar cycle. Together they look to Lune to create a multi-faceted approach to design and collaboration. Currently, they design and host an intimate dinner series Piena, cultivate their own kitchen garden and beehives, and commission and source international artists to create pieces for their gallerie shop.

Their initial inspiration was the house itself. It was first built as a country house in 1860, and for 160 years its grand rooms served as both a family home and a place for lavish entertaining. The exterior, which remains unchanged, was modeled after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s Isle of Wight summer residence, the Osbourne House.

long dining table, pink velvet stools, lit candelabra, place settings

The Curzon family, who resided in the home in the early 19th century, transformed the house into a gathering place, lovingly hosting locals and global dignitaries. In the middle of the last century, the house fell derelict, the vines took over and the once lively country house sat empty for decades. In the late 90s, the house was restored by a local couple, where it served as a family home for the next 15 years.

Inspired by this story, Lisa and her husband knew they wanted people to gather again. They know that when we gather, surrounded by our friends and family, beautiful things can happen. They welcome you to experience a piece of Canadian history—even if for a fleeting moment—to connect back to yourself and create your own beautiful moments in time.

We acknowledge that the land we stand upon today is the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples and is connected to the Dish with One Spoon wampum, under which multiple nations agreed to care for the land and its resources by the Great Lakes in peace.

We also acknowledge the Upper Canada Treaties signed in regards to this land, which include Treaty #29 and Treaty #45 ½.

We recognize First Peoples’ continued stewardship of the land and water as well as the historical and ongoing injustices they face in Canada.

classical garden statue sits in meadow, grove of trees behind it

The rental spaces are divided into eight phases to reflect the phases of the moon.



Lisa Mok - Co-founder + Artistic Director

A multi-faceted space for events, design and collaboration, Lune is the vision of Toronto-based, creative director and graphic designer Lisa Mok. Behind her award-winning aesthetic is an unrelenting knowledge of what we all want to look at, wear and be inspired by at any given moment. With Lune’s immersive experiences, visual storytelling and home and lifestyle design, Lisa is redefining what it means to live fully and beautifully. In turn, she’s created a living, breathing philosophy on how to celebrate the most memorable moments in our lives. For the past decade, Lisa has travelled around the world, working with internationally recognized artists including Julia Hetta, Mel Bles, Christopher Anderson and Joey Lawrence. She’s the former Global Creative Director of Canada Goose and continues to work on creative strategy, brand positioning, art direction and visual storytelling for local and international brands, most recently for Puma x June Ambrose, Tilley, Tacori and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Advertising & Design Club of Canada | Communication Arts Magazine | D&AD | One Show | Infopresse Lux Award | Luerzers Archive magazine | Canadian Marketing Award | National Advertising Award | Hospitality Design Award


If you'd like to collaborate with Lisa for creative strategy, visual storytelling and brand + art direction, reach out to

Ezra Silverton - Co-founder + Operations Director

As one of the early adopters of digital marketing technologies, Ezra has been part of the industry for over 20 years in which he has focused on orchestrating digital transformation projects. He built a reputable digital agency in Toronto and won many awards over the years working with some of the most recognized brands. In 2013 his company merged with another agency and over the last 10 years he has been managing its operations. Proficient in overseeing the end-to-end lifecycle of enterprise digital marketing projects, he has worked with some of the largest B2B fortune 500 and 100 companies in Canada and the US. He currently sits as a board member.

Ezra's weekend hobbies have always been in building something or attending to the garden. This only fueled the desire to find a place outside the city and when he came across this property it was a match made in heaven.

Today, Ezra does all the behind the scenes operations and marketing for Lune - and with an extensive knowledge and passion in landscaping and gardening, he is the mastermind behind all that you see when you arrive at the property - including harvesting Lune's own honey, Sticky. Once in a while he'll peak out for a social post.

Lune1860's founders Lisa Mok and Ezra Silverton sit on top of their kitchen counter smiling
black and white photo of the original house, covered in vines