long table with a line of pillar candles down the middle, sitting outside on the terrace

There is a time of night when the sun sets and the moon rises. An otherworldly glow appears before us. We gather, marveling in the beauty of the moment–as fleeting as it is. We gaze, our eyes flitting across the faces of family and friends and the tables we share. And for a brief moment in time, life is exactly how it should be. Lune was conjured in this light, and its beauty continues to illuminate our path for evermore.


Half Moon I

15k* (the house)



Phase 01 - The Garden (Seats 100)

Phase 02 - The Fountain (Seats 40)

Phase 03 - The Day Room (Seats 40)

Phase 04 - The Night Room (Seats 28)

Phase 06 - The Table (Seats 18)

Phase 08 - Garden Terrace (Seats 60)

*not available for guestlist over 60

Half Moon II




Phase 01 - The Garden (seats 100)

Phase 02 - The Fountain (seats 40)

Phase 07 - The Loft (seats 80)

** house not included

Full Moon I




Half Moon I (10am-5pm) +

Half Moon II (full day)

up to 100 guests

Full Moon II




Half Moon I (full day) +

Half Moon II (full day)

up to 100 guests

vase sits on plinth in sunlight, warm wood floors
wedding table set with large floral arrangement
a crowd gathers under a moon shaped pendant
pink velvet stools arranged in front of white marble fireplace, florals sit on either side
bride obscured by her veil runs off into field
long table set with lit candelabras

A place to gather and celebrate

chairs arranged for wedding ceremony in front of historic fountain
bride and groom stand together in front of large field
wedding table under dramatic arch
large cascading Amaranth arrangement on black marble fireplace mantle
bride and groom holding hands walking into large field at sunset
candlelit wedding table
grove of trees in warm sunlight
bride and groom in front of stucco walls on terrace
coupe glasses arranged in tower on top of a flowing white tablecloth
wedding dress hanging in the doorway
guests huddled around a candlelit table outside on the garden terrace

Is the whole house available for rent?

The house has three floors, of which only the main floor is used as the shared space. The other areas within the house are not available as they serve as a private residence.

Could we use our own preferred vendors and do you charge a landmark fee?

We're happy to work with your own preferred vendors without any landmark fees. For a smoother event we can provide a list of preferred wedding planners, caterers, rental suppliers, florists, musicians or any other vendors we have worked with that have been absolutely amazing.

Does Lune supply all the tables, chairs and tableware for our guests?

You would need to source and rent your own preferred tables, chairs and tableware. There is a local rental company that offers a large selection of styles and colours we can refer you too.