A Tableau Vivant

Tableau’s meaning comes from Old French and translates to picture, however it has long been used to describe a vivid living scene. A tableau vivant as they say, a living picture, a scene so beautifully realized, it comes to life before your eyes.


At any dinner at Lune, we set this scene with a tablecloth. Long forgotten as a table covering, our tablecloths are our canvases, setting the tone for everything to begin—from the flowers and dinnerware to the menu itself.

For the past few years I’ve searched for the perfect tablecloth. Coming up empty handed, I began using raw fabrics to create immersive, sweeping tablescapes. Whether draped, pooled at our feet or trailing off the table like a magnificent train, these tablecloths extended my canvas beyond the table.

The Tableau Collection is a culmination of all these dinners. 

We start with the First Tableau followed by the second and third Tableau launching in the coming months. Each design is made to order or available to be rented for special occasions. They are designed to be your beautiful canvas; a canvas for everything yet to come.

The Tableau Collection is inspired by iconic silhouettes from fashion, art and design.

The Lune Tableau Collection is made to order, or available to be rented for special occasions. Please inquire at

Explore The First Tableau in our shop.



Editor - Aliyah Craig & Lune