Introducing Lune Marble Lily Pads

I think there is so much beauty in recontextualizing found objects and materials. It automatically creates layers of meaning that are far more interesting than just newness alone. Which is how I ended up with 39 green Italian marble slabs that were about to be discarded by a local builder.

The colour, paired with this highly intricate veining, immediately intrigued me, hinting at something greater than their original purpose.

In the end, we decided to hand draw 39 distinct shapes, each one inspired by the water lilies that can be found in Lune’s historic Italianate fountain.

We then worked with a local artisan who delicately hand-honed and finished each piece. The result feels both timeless, yet new to the eye and since I have always said that I prefer the imperfections of life, I love that no two are completely alike. 

“I think true creativity isn’t always about producing something new, but looking to see how we can repurpose things that already exist in the world.”

– Lisa


They are now available to purchase in our Shop.


Note that because each marble lily pad has been individually handcrafted, please allow for variations in shape, size and colour when placing your order.




Art Direction - Lune

Photography - Arash Moallemi, Funk Studios

Styling - Carmel Floral & Lune

Props - Souvenir Studios, Carmel Floral, NJS Design Rentals, & Lune